Hex коды к игре Close Combat 3: The Russian Front

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Close Combat 3: The Russian Front Игра: Close Combat 3: The Russian Front Платформа:PC Жанр:strategy Дата выхода:1999 г. Разработчик:Atomic Games Издатель:Microsoft Оценить игру (31) Добавить игру в Избранное / Отслеживать HexCheat.
Start a game in either the German side or the Russian side, save it, then exit back to Windows. Find the save file in Microsoft Games directory and open it using any hex editor. Find offset 297A0 for the Russian side and change the 5th double column to read FF79 which will give you 30,000+ req. points. For the German side, find offset 308E0 and change the 3rd double column to read FF79. On either Russian or German side anything higher the FF79 will give you negative 32,000 req. points. You can also enter FF80 on the opposite side you are playing and they wont be able to get any teams. Which will in turn enable you to be promoted faster.

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